Android Application

Face Search


Ever struggled to find a picture of a specific person in the photo folder on your mobile device?
Face Search automatically organizes your pictures by the faces in them.

※ How Face Search works
When the application starts, it displays the results of the faces that have been previously searched and continues to search automatically.
The initial search takes time, so it continues to search and saves the results in the background up to 10 minutes.
You do not have to wait and keep the application in the foreground until the search is complete.
Only be careful when you quit the app completely, because it will also stop searching.

※ Available operations
1. Stop search: stops an active search.
2. Start search: you can resume a previously stopped search.
3. Re-search: you can delete faces cache that have been previously searched, and start search over from the beginning.
4. Show original photo: by tapping the face thumbnail of a picture, you can bring up the original file.

※ No picture data is transferred to the internet. Face Search only searches directly on your mobile device.
※ In some cases, the algorithm might not be able to detect faces from a picture. In other cases, objects that are not faces might be detected as faces.

We are working to improve accuracy and speed of the search, and will continue adding features in future versions.
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